“Tuileries” collection: every woman will find her place, her voice and her style!

Fashion has the power to transcend seasons, capturing the essence of change and transformation. It is with palpable enthusiasm that we present to you today our latest collection, the aptly named “Tuileries” .

Designed with a diversity of pieces that embrace all aspects of your style, “Tuileries” embodies the essence of Parisian style, offering all women the opportunity to express their personality.

One of the central features of this collection is its use of warmer materials, perfect for the seasons to come. The weather gets cooler as our rooms warm up. From cozy wool pieces, to warmer dresses, each piece has been carefully selected to keep you warm while enveloping you in softness, comfort and elegance.

The color palette of “Tuileries” takes you on a visual journey from calming sky blue to bold red. These shades evoke the softness of summer skies left behind and the passion that burns within each of us. Whether you are looking for a light outfit for a lunch on the terrace or a captivating dress for a special evening, "Tuileries" offers a range of choices for all occasions.

Exquisite details, impeccable cuts and original patterns pertain to every piece of “Tuileries”. From dresses in varied silhouettes to pants cut in a unique style, we have focused on diversity and multiple uses, so that every woman can find her favorite piece.

“Tuileries” is much more than a clothing collection. It's an invitation to embrace your uniqueness, to dare to explore new colors and textures, while maintaining a refined sense of style. In a fashion world where accessibility never compromises quality, "Tuilerie" is the answer to your deepest and most accurate aspirations.

We invite you to venture into this unparalleled collection and discover how each piece tells a story, your story. Because in “Tuileries” , each woman finds her place, her voice and her style.


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