L'Atelier Tricot or the art and way of combining shapes, materials and colors

The Knitting Workshop by MARIE SIXTINE

The world of women's fashion is a haven of creativity, and nowhere is this more evident than in MARIE SIXTINE's collection of sweaters and cardigans. Behind each piece hides a careful choice of shape and material, revealing the art of combining comfort and style.

The variety of sweater and cardigan shapes offered by MARIE SIXTINE is a celebration of diversity and individuality. The collection offers a multitude of cuts, from relaxed lines to more mixed shapes, to adapt to all body shapes and preferences. It's an approach that understands that the perfect fit is key to confidence and well-being.

However, the secret lies in the choice of material. Mohair, a light and soft natural fiber, gives rooms a feeling of softness, luxury and fluidity. Mohair sweaters and cardigans feature loose, floating and airy shapes, creating a silhouette that exudes lightness. These creations are ideal for balmy days or cool evenings, adding a touch of effortless elegance.

On the other hand, Merino wool is the perfect choice for more structured shapes. Merino, known for its natural warmth and soft touch, allows us to design sweaters and cardigans that harmoniously fit the curves of the body. These pieces offer “cocooning” comfort and welcome warmth on the cooler days of fall and winter.

The diversity of shapes and materials in the MARIE SIXTINE collection is an ode to freedom. Whether you prefer the lightness and softness of Mohair or the warmth and structure of Merino, each piece is a tribute to elegance, versatility and quality. The brand has created a collection of sweaters and cardigans that transcends the seasons, an invitation to reinvent women's fashion with style and sophistication.

The Art of Color at MARIE SIXTINE

And what about the colors at MARIE SIXTINE. The creative team was able to capture the essence of the current trends by meticulously choosing the colors of its sweaters and cardigans. Each shade is a meeting between current trends and timelessness. The colors, carefully selected, evoke the season while preserving modernity. From delicate pastel shades to rich, deep tones, this palette offers a variety of choices for every occasion. MARIE SIXTINE understands that color is an invitation to express personality and style, while remaining anchored in timeless sophistication. Each sweater and cardigan embody the perfect harmony between modernity and sustainability.

MARIE SIXTINE's sweaters and cardigans embody a timeless elegance, the result of a perfect harmony between form and material, but above all of the expertise of the creation & style department at MARIE SIXTINE. This collection demonstrates that comfort and fashion can come together in a subtle ensemble, creating pieces that we hope will become staples in each of you's wardrobe. Each sweater, each cardigan is a declaration of love for femininity and creativity.

The MARIE SIXTINE creative team

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