Mohair: A well-kept secret at the heart of our “Tricot Workshop” at MARIE SIXTINE

Mohair , this luxurious fiber with soft shades, is the well-kept secret of knitting lovers looking for elegance and comfort. Originally from Angora goats, mohair is a natural material prized for its lightness and warmth. This long, fine fiber offers unrivaled softness, almost similar to that of cashmere, but with a lighter and more airy texture.

Customers choose mohair for their sweaters because of its many obvious qualities. First of all, its ability to trap air allows mohair sweaters to keep warm while being light. In addition, its resistance to wear makes it a durable material, perfect for your wardrobe. Mohair sweaters are also very versatile, suitable for all seasons. They can be worn alone for a lightweight layer in fall or layered for extra warmth in winter.

So slip a pretty shirt underneath.

Mohair's appeal also lies in its stylistic versatility. Mohair sweaters can come in a variety of fits, from a classic turtleneck to an oversized cardigan to a stylish v-neck sweater. Additionally, mohair's color palette is as rich as its stimulating qualities, offering an array of soft and subtle hues to satisfy all tastes.

Mohair is the perfect choice for those looking to combine sophistication with practicality. Its enveloping softness and luxurious appearance make each mohair sweater a statement of style and comfort. Customers know that, with mohair, they can not only shine in society, but also feel wonderful about themselves, while supporting inherently sustainable fashion.

The MARIE SIXTINE creative team

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