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“Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Caroll

explores a unique field of inspiration through a classic story which, in many aspects, has influenced popular culture even today...

The literary vision of Lewis Carroll (pseudonym of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) was oriented towards imagination, absurdity and fantasy. He was known for his inventive, fanciful stories that blended the real world with one of daydreams, wordplay, and complex language games.

Lewis Caroll was influenced by the Victorian culture of his time, which valued order, rationality, and discipline. However, he was also influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite art movement, which advocated a return to a more romantic, imaginative and symbolic aesthetic.

In his most famous stories, "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass", Carroll created a surreal and playful universe, in which the characters are often caricatures of social archetypes and where logic conventional is often reversed.

Carroll also explored child psychology and the relationship between the adult world and the world of childhood, offering subtle comments on the human condition and the society of his time. His literary vision was therefore deep, complex and rich in hidden meanings and cultural allusions. Today, his vision remains relevant.

Lewis Caroll's universe is populated with fantastical creatures, unique bright colors and patterns that have been widely used in the creation and style of fashion players. Women looking to add a touch of fantasy and originality to their wardrobe can find these options in our "Marie in Wonderland" theme which are inspired by her world. The "Alice" print is a tribute to this genius writer and to "Alice in Wonderland" which always makes us dream.

Alice print

Wrap dresses, short or long, long and flared skirts, tops with "Smoke" details and floral prints evoke the magical aesthetic of Alice's story which becomes that of Marie. You will have to get the extravagant hats and accessories in the shape of a rabbit, a key and a Cheshire cat to immerse yourself with delight in the history of these emblematic characters who have accompanied you at certain moments of your life. The geometric patterns and Unique textures are also common in our creations, homages to the magic of Alice and now Marie.

The obvious connection between “Alice/Marie in Wonderland” and creative fashion is based on the idea that fashion can be elegant, whimsical and yet accessible at the same time. Women looking to express their personality and creativity through their wardrobe can find options that allow them to make a statement, without compromising on quality and style.

MARIE SIXTINE has embraced this philosophy by offering Alice-inspired collections that are both whimsical and modern. Our stylists in Paris use quality materials and exquisite details to create pieces that refer to Alice's world, while offering fresh and contemporary looks.

Taking inspiration from literature is a testament to the power of influence, creativity, and personification.

Fashion allows you to express your personality and unique style while remaining elegant, delicate, refined, sophisticated... WONDERFUL.

Let's celebrate magic and originality

Become who you always were

Marie in wonderland

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