🔆 Magico DĂ©lirio - Abundance and sweet madness

A universe imbued with sweet madness!

Fashion is often associated with creativity and the “Magico Delirio” capsule is no exception. This unique collection is inspired by illusion and the unbridled imagination of our stylists. They create a magical and mystical world that transports you to a still unknown universe.

The pieces in “Magico Delirio” reference famous painters such as Salvador Dali, whose work was steeped in symbolism and magical realism. The sometimes psychedelic patterns, bright colors and textured fabrics are inspired by the works of Dali, for a capsule that is both artistic and fashionable.

We can't help but notice the influence of great literary references, such as Lewis Carroll with his famous tale "Alice in Wonderland", where the protagonist finds herself transported into a fantastic world. Long, flowing dresses, lace fabrics and floral patterns evoke the settings of this tale, while bright colors and modern cuts bring a modern touch to this collection.

The designers sought to transmit magic through each piece. Long dresses, shirts, blouses, skirts; printed or not, fluid or structured
 create a mystical effect, while the chosen colors bring a touch of modernity to “Magico DĂ©lirio”!

A tribute to magic and illusion; an ode to the women of today. The literary and artistic references bring an additional dimension to this capsule. For all the women looking to immerse themselves in a fantasy world, this collection is for you.

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