October 19, 2022, 6:30 p.m., the iconic MARIE SIXTINE boutique located on rue de Beaurepaire welcomes influencers of all nationalities as well as the brand's most loyal customers to attend an intimate fashion show.

Stress and excitement are building little by little just a few minutes before what is about to be the brand's very first collection presentation show.

The first notes of Queen's “Don't stop me know” sound.

Our conductor sets the tempo!

Our models walk the luminous floor under the spotlights and the flashes of the cameras, behind the scenes everything accelerates.

As Freddy Mercury would say “The show must go on” !

“We are family” sounds, the parade ends with silhouettes from the “You and I” capsule, a capsule of mixed sweaters to match with family and friends.

The emotion still present, we take advantage of the evening, already thinking about what our next parade will be.

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