MARIE SIXTINE x SEASON PAPER a long-standing story!

MARIE SIXTINE x Season Paper Collab

It is above all the story of a friendship, a friendship born from a meeting between Julie Costaz and Mélissa le Vaguerèse who were kind enough to open their doors to us!

Julie and Mélissa meet at the Atelier National d'Art Textile in Paris. Once graduated, they worked as freelance textile designers then decided to found their design studio in 2011. Pencils, pastels, paint, ink, iPad, markers, all their patterns are drawn by hand.

Quickly, the desire was born to see their drawings come to life on objects designed and crafted for them. And in 2012, the publishing house was born.

Season after season, Julie and Mélissa design collections that draw their inspiration from nature, architecture or everyday life. It starts with a walk, a color, a desire to travel... always with the heart of freely creating timeless and unique patterns and objects.

MARIE SIXTINE and Season Paper a long-standing story

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It was during an edition of the “Premiere Vision” show, a show reserved for fashion professionals bringing together designers and brands from all walks of life, that MARIE SIXTINE and in particular Perrine, style manager for the brand, discovered the world built by Julie and Mélissa. The crush is instantaneous and mutual. This is the start of several years of collaboration.

At MARIE SIXTINE, iconic patterns and prints follow one another and contribute to the success of the collections each season, marking the minds of our most loyal customers.

This time the magic happens under the sign of an official MARIE SIXTINE X SEASON PAPER collaboration. A flourish of vibrant colors, fluid and elegant cuts and accessories have been designed especially for this mother-daughter line.

A MOTHER DAUGHTER capsule signed MARIE SIXTINE x Season Paper

The feminine and vibrant universe of MARIE SIXTINE mixes with the naturalness and softness of Season Paper. It's the perfect marriage. Painted in gouache, the pattern which now bears the sweet name “ perfume ”, a perfect olfactory illusion with the bouquets of flowers present on the pattern, comes to life on the sketches of the future pieces of the collection designed in our workshop.

For this second mother/daughter collection; shirt, dress, pants and scrunchies will share center stage with stationery accessories such as notebooks, small pencil cases and tote bags, wallpaper and even coloring pages for your little ones.

A sparkling, light and intergenerational capsule depicted in a playful, feminine universe with touches of naivety.

No doubt, young mothers and their children will love it.

And already... you're asking for it!

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