Along the water: An ode to summer and sunbathing

“Along the water: An ode to summer and sunbathing”

When summer arrives, the desire to lounge in the sun by the water arises. It is in this summer spirit that we created our “Au fil de l’eau” page, dedicated to the art of enjoying sunbathing in style. Let us take you on our inspiring journey, where swimwear, clothing and accessories blend harmoniously with the warm rays of the sun and the gentle caresses of the water.

The power of colors:

Bright, sunny colors are the protagonists of our “Along the water” page. Vibrant shades of coral, turquoise and lemon yellow evoke the vivacity of summer and the warmth of the sun. These vibrant colors are found in our swimsuits, our light dresses and our accessories, allowing visual harmony with the summer environment.

The lightness of the fabrics:

For comfortable and elegant sunbathing, we favor light and airy fabrics. Silk, cotton, viscose and lightweight beach fabrics provide a feeling of freshness and freedom. The flowing cuts and delicate drapes allow the summer breeze to caress the skin, adding a touch of sensuality and lightness to our creations.

The glamor of swimsuits:

Swimsuits are the undisputed heroes of our sunbathing. Inspired by icons of the past and current trends, our models combine comfort, style and glamour. In one piece or two, flattering cuts, feminine details, cutouts and bold prints add a touch of elegance to our swimsuits and allow looks worthy of the most beautiful "spots"!

Sunny accessories:

Accessories play a key role in our “Along the water” universe. From wide-brimmed straw hats to protect you from the sun, to trendy sunglasses to add a touch of style, to raffia beach bags, every detail is designed to complement and enhance our summer outfits. Delicate jewelry, such as anklets or shell necklaces, adds a sunny, bohemian touch

“Au fil de l’eau” embodies the spirit of summer and the art of enjoying sunbathing in style. Inspired by vibrant colors, lightweight fabrics, glamorous swimwear and sunny accessories, we invite you to immerse yourself in our summer world. Whether you are relaxing on the beach, by a lake, a river or on the sunny terrace of your swimming pool; the "zenitude" reaches its peak... All I need is the advice of a good book...

MARIE SIXTINE along the water...

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