is given every year on February 14 and is considered the festival of love. It is an opportunity for couples to celebrate their love and show their affection towards each other by exchanging gifts, cards and sweet messages to mark this meeting.

The origin of Valentine's Day is controversial, but there are several stories associated with its celebration. Some mention that this annual meeting is named after Saint Valentine, a Christian priest of the third century, who obliged couples to marry in secret during the Roman Empire, when marriages were prohibited there.

Others believe that Valentine's Day is a pagan celebration around the festival of Lupercalia, a Roman festival focused on fertility and the flowering of life.

(In ancient Rome, the "Lupercalia festival", on February 14 and 15, closed the religious year, which began in March. This very ancient festival, the god of which was Faunus, was intended to revive the fertility of nature. )

Regardless, Valentine's Day has become a popular day for couples of all cultures and ages to open themselves to love. Couples can choose to celebrate Valentine's Day in different ways, such as romantic dinners, date nights, or getaways.

However, Valentine's Day is not just an occasion for couples.

Friends and family can also show their affection by sending each other gifts and sweet messages. It's a day to show everyone you love how important they are to you.

 Valentine's Day is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate love and show mutual affection.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, it is a day to tell those you love how much you care about them, to celebrate life, common projects and love.

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